Automated Gate Quotation Information

Important information about the proposed system


Health & Safety

We train our engineers to be health and safety conscious at all times.  If you have any specific health & safety issues please bring this to our attention, prior to installation. (e.g. dangerous or hazardous substances, dangerous – equipment, working environments)


Electrical Supply

In order to comply with BS7671 electrical wiring regulations your automated access system is required to have a local safe means of isolating the supply to the control equipment.

Unless stated otherwise, our quote includes the installation of a suitable isolator connected to an existing 13 amp socket or fused spur inside your premises. For best practice, it is also recommended that this supply be connected to a dedicated circuit at your distribution board. This would need to be completed and certified by a suitably qualified electrical contractor. This work has not been included in our quotation. We can recommend a suitably qualified electrical contractor if you require it.



To ensure safety, reliability and compliance with British standards BS EN 12635, we recommend your system is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance.

To ensure compliance we automatically implement a service schedule. To facilitate this you will automatically receive a service reminder and invoice on the anniversary of the system’s installation, which you can cancel by contacting our maintenance department at any time before an appointment has been arranged with you to carry out a service.

For commercial sites, it is a legal requirement under the machinery directive that you have your automated access systems maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Our standard warranty period is 12 months.

If you choose to continue with any of our service contract options, we will automatically increase your parts warranty to 24 months.

Various service packages are available, which can include costs for labour & parts beyond the warranty period.



We require a payment of 50% of the quoted cost prior to the ordering of any equipment or confirmation of dates to commence any works.

We require payment of all outstanding balances at the completion of any installation.

(Existing commercial customers, payment terms are 30 days unless agreed otherwise)

Bespoke items will require full payment at the time of placing an order

Standard T’s&C’s apply to all other parts of the quotation

Bespoke Examples – Once the manufacture of a gate commences we are unable to stop its production and therefore any projects with a bespoke design will require full payment of this portion of the quotation.


If your system requires a first and second fix

If our quotation includes labour to first fix, our quoted price will be based on a maximum of 3 block visits to your premise.

Block Visit – A set of consecutive days to carry out the work.

Additional labour charges may be applied at our discretion for any extra visits due to circumstances outside our control.


Quotation, Specification and Drawings

Safety equipment

If the design of the gates, the area around the gates, including mounting posts, sloping entrance roads, walls and fences change in any way to the information seen or provided at the survey stage, we may need to add safety equipment to avoid any dangerous hazards. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to charge extra for this equipment.


Gate Precautions 

  • During windy conditions

To avoid permanent damage to your gates, during winds exceeding 25 mph (to include yellow and Red wind weather warnings) gates must be disengaged from the motor mechanism  And secured into place until the wind hazard has passed by.

This includes gates with electric locks, as these rely on continuity of the electrical supply and can fail in high winds.

  • Disengaged Gates

Whilst the gates are disengaged from their automated mechanisms, such as in manual override mode, they must be secured open or close, so they are unable to move.  Failure to do this can result in permanent damage to the system or gate.

NB Even in light winds gates left to swing free can be significantly damaged.

It is important that you follow these instructions as we will not be held responsible for any damage if you fail to comply.