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Protect your property with a home CCTV camera system, providing 24/7 security surveillance to ensure the safety of your property, loved ones, and possessions. Our latest, ultra HD systems paired with our seamless installation service offer peace of mind, knowing that your property remains protected whether you’re at home or away.

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Protect your property with a CCTV system

A CCTV home camera system not only acts as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour, vandalism and theft, but it also gives you assurance that should any of these unfortunate events occur, you’re equipped with the evidence to make recouping any losses quicker and easier. 

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Why should I add an at home CCTV camera to my property?

While we commonly associate CCTV with public spaces, such as shops, car parks or nightlife establishments, installing a CCTV camera system for your home is a great security measure. It can significantly reduce the likelihood of your home falling prey to burglars and vandals, deterring criminals as they understand that they are far more likely to be identified and as a result, penalised.

In addition to enhancing your home’s security, a CCTV camera can also help you save costs by lowering insurance premiums, serve as a way to monitor children or pets and provide footage of any accidents that may occur on your property. 

It’s important to note that when installing a home CCTV system, you must be mindful of privacy laws and avoid pointing your cameras at public spaces, or your neighbours’ properties or gardens. At Tod Security & Fire, we understand these laws and our home CCTV camera installation service ensures your surveillance is compliant. 

Different types of CCTV home systems

Our CCTV home systems incorporate the latest technology with our expert installation techniques to provide you with professional-quality surveillance. With exceptional picture clarity, night and day, along with discreet installation and easy-access remote viewing, we offer a range of systems to suit your needs. 

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ANPR systems 

Our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) CCTV systems enable the clear capture of vehicle number plates, regardless of whether it’s day or nighttime. With outstanding clarity, accurate imaging is enabled even when a vehicle’s headlights are facing directly into the camera. 

An ANPR system for your home can be useful for identifying vehicles in a range of circumstances, including where they have caused damage to your property and left the scene, unattended vehicles residing outside of your property for long periods, and assistance with law enforcement by identifying stolen vehicles should they pass your property. 

PTZ systems 

Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras are a great option should you need to monitor multiple areas of your property. They can move in any direction, rotating 360°, and can be operated manually with a remote control, or with automatic motion detection to follow people or vehicles on your property. 

A PTZ system for your home can be preset to track particular areas, making it a great option if there is something specific you wish to monitor, such as a vehicle or access point. A PTZ camera features powerful infrared range, enabling visibility from 150 to 500 metres and with automatic touring, can move around set locations of your premises. 

Smart video doorbells 

A smart video doorbell enables you to see and greet visitors from your smartphone, whether you’re at home or away. A video doorbell can record, take live images and provide snapshots of any movement detected at or near your door. 

This enhances security for your home as you can speak to the visitor and decide whether to greet them before you even open the door. This is a particularly useful feature for home’s with children, to ensure they’re protected when strangers visit the home. It also has many additional benefits, such as serving as a deterrent for criminals, enabling you to manage deliveries where you may not be home, and integrating with existing CCTV cameras to create a robust home security system. 

Looking for a commercial CCTV system? We also provide businesses with comprehensive CCTV systems to protect your premises and assets from theft, vandalism and damage. 

Key features of our CCTV home systems

Our CCTV home systems feature the latest innovative technology to ensure you get the clearest picture around the clock, as well as highly accessible viewing and monitoring. Learn more about the key features of our at home CCTV cameras below. 

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Ultra High Definition – available in 8-megapixel (4K), our ultra HD systems record clear, crisp images and enable you to zoom into the footage after an event without pixelation. This makes it easy to monitor potential criminal activity, identify perpetrators and help to improve conviction rates. 

Nighttime Clarity – our systems provide excellent image capture, regardless of light levels. With built-in infrared lighting that is invisible to the human eye, our cameras enable visibility in any environment even where there is no ambient lighting present. We also have the option of further advanced night vision technology, which can provide colour images in extremely low light conditions. 

Remote Viewing – with our remote viewing systems, you can view live footage, play back recordings, download images and control your home CCTV system from anywhere at any time, using the latest smartphone and PC apps. This enables the sharing of images or footage with key enforcement bodies such as neighbourhood watch and the Police, or even your insurance company to provide evidence quickly. This facility reduces the time police take to investigate offences and increases conviction rates. 

Smart Analytics – our smart analytics systems enable virtual zones on your property to be configured, alerting you when motion is detected in these areas, whether from a person or a vehicle. By using an analytics-based system, we’re able to significantly reduce the volume of false alarms compared to standard motion detection devices, which often cause users to ignore notifications. 

 Discreet Installation – we pride ourselves on our installation services, going the extra mile to ensure your setup is neat and discreet, hiding cables and offering custom colour choices to suit the aesthetic of your property. 

Benefits of CCTV for home

CCTV cameras for home security have myriad benefits, spanning beyond simply just the protection of your property. Below we outline some of the key advantages to installing a domestic CCTV system. 

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Peace of mind for homeowners – a CCTV camera system means you can monitor the goings on around your property from anywhere at any time. This provides great assurance when you’re on holiday or away from your home for a long period, as you’ll be alerted to any suspicious activity. It also enables you to feel safe inside your home, as you can detect intrusion without having to put yourself at risk by going out to investigate. 

Crime prevention – simply having visible cameras on your property can act as a deterrent to criminals, making it much less likely that your home will become a target. 

Aids in prosecution – should criminal activity occur on your property, having clear footage of the event available to share with key authorities such as the Police can increase the likelihood that the perpetrator will be identified and prosecuted. 

Insurance cost savings – informing your contents and buildings insurance provider(s) that you have a CCTV system in place can help to lower your premiums, as it reduces your risk of being targeted by criminals, and in-turn, the likelihood that you will need to make a claim. 

Cost-effective – CCTV systems, depending on the features required, can be fairly affordable. This means it’s a great investment for your home, as you are more likely to save on costs associated with theft or damage. It can also increase the value of your property if you were to leave the system in place upon selling, as it is an attractive feature for prospective buyers. 

Integrates with existing security systems – CCTV systems work great with other security measures you may already have in place, such as intruder alarms and perimeter protection devices, to create a holistic security system for your home. 

How we install domestic CCTV systems

When it comes to the installation of your home CCTV system, our highly-skilled, experienced engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure it will meet all of your needs. While each installation is different as we tailor our systems on an individual basis, you can read some of the installation steps you might expect below. 

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Choosing a system – we’ll listen to your requirements and provide you with a tailored system recommendation that ticks all of your boxes. 

Location – once we’ve identified the required system, we’ll then begin mapping the property to determine where the cameras should be placed for optimum functionality. 

Cable installation – next, cables will be run through to the camera location sites by creating discreetly positioned holes in the walls or ceiling. These will be minimally visible to ensure a neat look.

Cable connection – once the cables have been installed, they’ll need to be connected to your recorder. This is the hub that stores all of the footage detected by your CCTV cameras.

Mounting cameras – now that the recording system has been set up and the cables installed, we next begin mounting your cameras in the agreed locations around your property and attach these to the cables. 

Powering the system – once all cameras are in-situ and connected accordingly, we’re ready to power on the system. This involves connecting any additional devices such as a CCTV monitor.

Setup of CCTV monitoring – now that the system’s hardware is installed, we program the software to suit your surveillance requirements, inclusive of any preset filming positions and automatic detection. 

Training – before we leave, we ensure you’re confident in using your new system and know how to access all of its capabilities. 

Maintenance for home CCTV systems

To ensure your home security system continues to work for you in the long-term, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service. 

Why choose a maintenance agreement?

Regularly servicing your home CCTV system ensures that it continues to operate optimally and maintains a robust level of protection for your home, possessions and the people who live there. It can also ensure that your insurance provider is satisfied that your system is sufficient in terms of the premium agreed. 

What do our maintenance agreements include?

As part of a maintenance agreement for your home CCTV system, we provide: 

  • Low or no cost engineer call outs for any system defects or issues
  • Assurance that your property is suitably protected
  • 24-hour engineer support via telephone
  • Continued compliance with privacy laws 
  • Maintenance of systems that weren’t installed by ourselves, depending on type and condition
  • A range of maintenance covers to suit your needs and budget

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Why choose Tod Security & Fire for your domestic CCTV systems?

At Tod Security & Fire, we provide security systems you can trust. Our team of engineers are highly proficient in CCTV systems and installation, ensuring we meet exceptional service standards. 

We’re home security experts

Offering a wide range of home security systems, from CCTV and intruder alarms, through to the installation of automatic driveway gates, we’re experts in all things home security. We not only provide products, but work with you to ensure the product we recommend is fit for purpose and meets all of your needs. 

We provide first-rate customer support & maintenance 

We’re not the type of company to simply leave when we’re done, we provide first-class aftercare and maintenance services with 24/7 support, so you can rest assured your home will remain protected at all times.  

Trusted supplier in South Wales

We’ve been supplying the South Wales region with unrivalled home security solutions since 1987, and have become recognised as a trusted provider by several regulatory bodies, including holding Gold Standard accreditation from the NSI.

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