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Security Gates For Business Premises

A security gate for your business is key to protecting your premises, your assets and of course, your staff. Learn more about how to secure and manage site access with our automated business security systems

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Benefits of adding security gates to a commercial property

There are many benefits to consider when it comes to security gates for businesses. Naturally, enhanced security levels are at the forefront, but there are also cost-saving, convenience and access control advantages to take heed of too. 

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  • Intruder deterrent – a security barrier for your business is a physical deterrent against intruders and burglars, working as an obstacle to prevent criminals from being able to access the premises. 
  • Insurance cost savings – having a robust security system in place on your commercial premises can help you to lower your insurance premiums, as the likelihood of your business and assets becoming damaged or subject to thievery is lowered. 
  • Theft and damage cost savings – if your business becomes victim to theft or vandalism, the cost implications of this can be great. By investing in a barrier gate system you protect against this expense, providing a good return on investment in the long-term.  
  • Access control –  whether you need a car park barrier system, pedestrian gate access, or both, with an automated security system you can gain better control of who is able to access your premises and when. 
  • Convenience – implementing security gates can provide convenience in several areas for your business, enabling authorised personnel to enter and exit without manual assistance required, an in-turn saving on salary overheads when it comes to security staff.
  • Improved curb appeal – not only will a security gate protect your business, but it will also enhance the professional look and feel of your premises which can be key when welcoming customers or stakeholders.  
  • Legal compliance – for many businesses, a robust security system is essential for complying with relevant legal requirements. At Tod Security and Fire, all of our commercial security gate systems meet regulatory standards.  

If you’re looking for a home security solution, we also provide and install automatic driveway gates for residential properties.

Choosing the right type of security gates for my business

Business security gates come in a wide range of styles, materials and sizes, and with different functionality. This means that which is right for your business is dependent on a range of factors, from the level of automation you require, through to how your premises are most commonly accessed. 

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There are two main types of business security gates that we offer here at Tod Security & Fire; automated swing gates and automated sliding gates. Both types can provide differing levels of protection depending on what your key requirements are. Our commercial security gates are most commonly steel and aluminium metal structures to provide durability, however there are also wooden options available depending on the look you desire for your business entryway. 

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Commercial swing gates 

Commercial swing gates provide a level of flexibility, as we can install an automated system that fits with your existing gates, or develop a completely new security gate solution tailored to your needs.

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What are swing gates for businesses?

An automated swing gate is a barrier that can prevent unauthorised access to your business’s property. It enables you to gain control of who is able to enter and exit your premises, as well as significantly lower the likelihood of your business falling victim to theft or deliberate damage. 

Swing gates can open in toward the property, or outward to the exterior and so you will require sufficient space on at least one side of your property to accommodate this type of security barrier. 

Commercial uses for swing gates 

There are many uses for swing gates in a commercial setting. From traffic control for busy sites, through to ensuring only authorised personnel or vehicle types are permitted entry. There are an extensive number of industries that can benefit from implementing a swing gate system for their business, including but not limited to transportation hubs, industrial warehouses and engineering sites. An industrial swing gate is essential for any business that holds high-value equipment on-site.

Different types of commercial swing gates 

There are two systems available for swing gate barriers – above ground and underground. Which is right for you will depend on several factors, inclusive of the space around your property, your budget and the level of security you require. 

Above ground swing gate systems for businesses – above ground systems operate by installing a Ram operator arm centrally on the inside of the gate. This is an ideal retrofitting system for your existing gates, making it a cost-effective solution. This system can also be supplied with a new gate if this is preferable. 

Underground swing gate systems for businesses –  a less obtrusive solution, an underground swing gate system involves installing a motor below the ground. In the short-term, this requires a more intrusive installation process, however once complete offers a more discreet level of security. These motors have a superior, robust design and are therefore highly reliable for intensive use sites. 

Why choose swing gates for your commercial premises?

A swing gate barrier system is a great choice for commercial sites due to the functional versatility it provides. Opting for a swing gate can Increase security levels to protect your business and your people, as well as enhance privacy to prevent people outside from looking into your business, which can make you less of a target to thieves. It can provide great convenience, enabling you to automate entry and exit processes as well as streamlining delivery intake and output. 

Sliding security gates: commercial

Electric sliding security gates for business are an ideal solution for high-traffic sites that lack space. They require a low level of excavation, meaning the disruption caused on-site during installation is minimal and there are several options available to suit your specifications. 

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What are commercial sliding gates? 

A commercial sliding gate serves as an automatic barrier for your business premises. It enhances security by deterring intruders and bolsters your access control by automatically permitting authorised personnel to both enter and exit your site. These gates are usually manufactured from steel or aluminium for durability and impact resistance, and operate via a motorised track that runs along the perimeter of your premises. 

Different uses for commercial sliding security gates 

There are several uses for a sliding security gate system for your business, from providing protection against forced entry, to offering stability in windy conditions. An efficient solution, sliding gates can offer swift access to your property, which is particularly useful for high-traffic sites. They can also provide automated or remote access control, which can save you both time and resources compared to a manual management system. 

Many industries can benefit from a sliding gate entrance barrier, from corporate business parks to both small and large-scale industrial warehousing sites.

Why choose sliding gates for your commercial premises?

Beyond providing an enhanced level of security for your business, commercial sliding gates can protect your premises and staff from collision impact, save space by utilising the existing perimeter of your site, and can be seamlessly integrated to your existing fence structure. Sliding gate systems are also flexible, with the ability to upgrade your system as your needs change. 

Watch our video to see one of our commercial sliding gate systems in action and learn more about the features available.

Commercial rising bollards

Commercial bollards are an ideal entrance and exit barrier solution for businesses. They provide a great level of flexibility while protecting against collision impact and preventing unauthorised access to your site. 

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How do rising bollards work?

An efficient means of controlling traffic, rising bollards are installed below the ground surface and operate via an automated, hydraulic system. This enables the barriers to be both raised and lowered in just a few seconds, providing efficient entry to and exit from your business site. This also provides versatile security, as you’re able to have barriers in place when needed and remove them when not. They can be controlled remotely or via a wider access control system. 

How do rising bollards improve commercial security? 

Rising bollards can be used as an effective entrance barrier or exit barrier for your business. The robust structure of these bollard models are able to withstand a great level of impact, from a light traffic collision through to a high-speed strike from an HGV. For these reasons, they provide suitable protection against ram-raids and terrorism, giving you peace of mind that your employees and business are protected from deliberate damage. They can be used in both pedestrianised and road vehicle access areas. 

Watch our video to see how rising bollards can be used for vehicle traffic control and entryway permittance.

Why choose rising bollards for your commercial premises?

Rising bollards are an effective solution for many commercial cases, such as providing security and access control at site entrances, blockading retail premises for collision protection, and serving as a health and safety tool to encourage the avoidance of particular high-risk areas in a warehouse setting. 

They’re a great option for commercial premises as they provide speedy and efficient control and therefore can be adapted to your changing needs. 

Looking for rising bollards for a residential property? We can offer this solution as part of a home security system too. 

Commercial security gate accessories

Secure your business gates and create a cohesive security system with our range of automatic gate accessories. Whether you want to operate your gates by remote control or have a fully automated system, read on to discover more about your options. 

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Adding functionality to your commercial business security gates 

There are several safety devices available that can improve the functionality and reliability of your automatic gate system. 

Main control panel – serving as the central hub for your business security system, a control panel enables you to customise the way your site is accessed. This can be done with a 7-day automatic timer or with an external aerial for remote control function.

Ram gate operator control – used to pull a swing gate open, a ram gate operator is a motorised arm that can be installed centrally on your gate to enable automated control.

Pillar safety beam – this protects against trapping hazards when someone tries to utilise the gateway while the gate’s closing mechanism is in operation.

Wireless remote control – delivering convenient and effective access control, your business security gate can be operated wirelessly from both on the premises and outside. 

Drive safety beam – this sensor device prevents your gates from closing against obstructions, such as people or vehicles, to ensure an added level of safety and that your business meets health and safety compliance regulations. 

Gate safety edge – protecting against trapping and crushing, a gate safety edge can be installed to areas of your gate where this risk is most present, such as behind its hinges, around the pillars or in between the structure and a wall if applicable. 

Keypad or intercom -offering code-based access, you can implement an access control system to enable authorised personnel to come and go with ease utilising a keypad or wireless intercom feature

Underground induction loop – a signalling device that detects motion from a vehicle and triggers your security gate to open. 

Courtesy light – courtesy lights can be installed around your gate structure to improve visibility and create safer conditions. Working via a motion sensor, courtesy lights are a cost and energy-efficient solution. 

Commercial pedestrian gates

Enhance your site security and improve efficiency with an automated pedestrian gate for your business. 

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What are pedestrian gates?

Automated pedestrian gates are a security and access control device that enables people on foot to both enter and exit a premises. They can be operated in a range of ways, from motion detection, through to keypad control and biometric scanners. As with our other commercial gate solutions, pedestrian gates come in two types – swing gates or sliding gates. 

What kind of business premises will benefit from pedestrian gates?

Pedestrian gates, also known as walkway gates, can be useful for a range of businesses. They are commonly used on construction sites where workers may need to enter and exit frequently, parcel depots to facilitate swift delivery and collection processes, and manufacturing sites to ensure only authorised personnel are able to access high-risk areas. 

Maintenance for business security gates

It is a legal requirement under the Machinery Directive Legislation for businesses to regularly service their automated security systems.  

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Why is maintenance important for business security gates?

Maintenance of your business security gates is paramount to ensure they continue to operate optimally and don’t pose risk to your staff or visitors. It is also important to remain compliant with relevant regulations and legislation, and additionally it may be a condition of your insurance policy. Failing to monitor and maintain a security gate can put lives at risk, and so this should be conducted at least once annually. 

What does a maintenance agreement involve?

A maintenance agreement for your automatic security gates involves the cleaning and lubrication of the structure to prevent wear and tear, as well as assessment of all device features to ensure their safe and correct operation. We provide a range of maintenance covers and can tailor these to suit your needs. We also provide maintenance for systems that we did not install, depending on the type and the condition. 

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Business security gates in South Wales

We provide business security gate systems across the South Wales region and surrounding areas, providing an end-to-end service from advising you on the most suitable solution, through to installing the system and maintaining it to ensure it complies with safety standards.

Why choose Tod for business security gates?

We’re leaders in the business security industry and hold essential accreditations and certifications to ensure we can supply and install systems that meet regulatory standards. 

Trusted expertise

We go above and beyond to provide you with tailored advice to ensure you get a system that meets your exact needs. We don’t just supply a product, we work with you to design a holistic security system and provide guidance and information every step of the way. 

Industry accredited

From the NSI to GateSafe and Ukas, we’re trusted to supply and install robust security systems by the core regulatory bodies in the UK. Find out more about our accreditations

Bespoke designs

If you have a specific system in mind, or know that your needs diversify from the standard, we can work with you to create a fully bespoke business security solution. Whether it’s a particular look that you desire, or enhanced functionality, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements

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