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Automatic Driveway Gates

Protect your property with our range of home security gates. From ensuring children and pets are kept safe from hazardous surrounding roads, to enhancing privacy and lessening road noise, our automatic driveway gates provide additional levels of security in a way that improves the look and feel of your home too.

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What are the benefits of home security gates?

There are many advantages to installing an automatic gate to your home, and these aren’t limited to just security. Whether security is your key consideration, or you wish to explore the wider benefits that an automatic gate can offer, we detail some of the top reasons below.

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  • Increased security – an electric security gate can provide extra protection for your home, as it can be a deterrent to criminals. Potential Intruders will see an electric gate and assume that if an electric gate is in place that there is a much increased chance you have additional security installed to the property. Criminals also see this as a possible delay getting in and out of the property, increasing the chances of getting caught.
    • Safety for your family – with an automatic gate, you can gain greater peace of mind that children and pets aren’t able to run out into any surrounding roads.
  • Curb appeal – modern automatic gates can improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, particularly as we design each gate individually to suite your property. We will offer to additional works to the driveway in order to maximise the appearance once completed, this can include installing cobbles, path edging, tarmac or gravel..
  • Increased property value – a new automatic gate system typically adds at least the value of the system to the property price. Over time the increase in property prices result in the automatic gate system giving you a return on your investment.
  • Enhanced privacy – if you opt for a partially or fully boarded gate, it will provide increased privacy for your home and outdoor areas, this will also reduce the chances of a break in.
  • Convenience – if accessing the property by car, an automatic gate system can provide the added convenience of being able to enter and exit without having to exit your vehicle and manually operate the gate.
  • Remotely controlled – Monitor your property by receiving notifications when the gates are operated. You can let deliveries or visitors in and out of the property remotely using a smartphone app.
  • Insurance cost savings – having a robust home security system in place can lower your insurance premiums as you may be offered discounts based on reducing the likelihood of home invasions and damage.
  • Home Automation – depending on the product you opt for, you may be able to seamlessly integrate your security gate with your other home security features to create a cohesive system.

Different types of home security gates

Which type of security gate is best for you will depend on your needs and the existing attributes of your property. We offer a range of gate types, each with differing features and benefits, and we’ll work with you to advise which solution will be best suited. 

We provide three home security gate solutions; swing gates, sliding gates and rising bollards. We also offer bespoke solutions which can be customised to suit your exact specifications. With our bespoke service, we work with you to create a fully tailored home security solution that ticks all of your boxes in terms of style, security features, your existing home attributes and more.

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Swing security gates for homes

A swing gate is a home security solution that offers great flexibility, with the option to fit to an existing structure or install as part of an entirely new gate system. 

See one of our latest residential swing gate projects

What are swing gates? 

Swing gates are a home security solution that operate by either an electronic arm installed directly onto the gate, or below ground motor. They can open in toward the property, or outward to the exterior of the premises and are ideal for homes with plenty of space on at least one side of the driveway.

Types of swing gates

 We offer two automatic swing gate systems:

Above ground residential swing gates – serving as a more cost-effective home security solution, an above ground swing gate system can be installed centrally on the inside of your gate. This is an ideal solution for retrofitting to an existing property gate.

Underground residential swing gates – providing a more aesthetically-pleasing solution, underground swing gate systems involve installing a motor below ground. This requires groundwork, and so the installation process is slightly more invasive than the above ground counterpart. However, once installed, this system offers a discreet home security method.  This solution is ideal for high-traffic homes, as the underground motor features a robust design that can withstand intensive use. 

The benefits of swing gates for homes

Whether you opt for above ground or underground, an automated swing gate is ideal for homes with either a straight or curved driveway. It’s important to note that swing gates require a good amount of space on either side of the driveway to ensure the full swing arc of the gate can be accommodated. 

Electric sliding gates for driveways

For properties that lack external space or have a short driveway, an automatic sliding gate serves as a highly-practical home security solution. 

What are sliding gates? 

Sliding gates are a home security solution that operate along a motor track at the perimeter of a property.. This track can operate at the base of the gate, with rollers along the top, or both. Sliding gates are available in a range of materials, including both wood and metal options. 

What are the benefits of sliding gates?

If space is an issue, then a sliding security gate has many benefits. This type of gate typically operates by running along a track that utilises the length of a property’s perimeter rather than imposing onto the driveway or external footpath. Offering a sleek look with seamless access automation, a sliding gate is ideal for homes that have a short or narrow driveway, and are also suited to properties with footpaths or busy roads to the exterior, as no outward obstruction is caused when operating the gate. 

Rising bollards for driveways & homes

Automatic rising bollards for driveways are installed below the ground’s surface and can be placed either behind or in front of a gate for added security and access control. 

What are rising bollards?

Rising bollards are a robust home protection system whereby vertical posts, typically made of steel, are installed beneath the ground and can be raised or lowered electronically as required. They can be controlled via remote and therefore offer a flexible solution that doesn’t inconvenience access to your home when needed.

What are the benefits of rising bollards? 

Rising bollards offer an additional level of protection, as they prevent vehicles from colliding with your property . This can provide great peace of mind if you live on a busy or high-speed road, as these bollards can withstand impact from a range of vehicles, from smaller cars up to high-speed HGVs. Additional benefits include flexible access control, ease of use via a remote control, and space efficiency. 

Home security gates: Accessories

Whether you want to create an automated home gate security system that operates by detecting motion from your vehicle, or you’d prefer a remote or coded access control solution, we can work with you to ensure your home security gate suits your exact needs.  

Maximise the benefits of your automated home security gate with our range of accessories and integrations. 

Main control panel – a central circuit for your home security gate system, a control panel enables you to tailor how your property is accessed, whether you wish to set a 7-day timer automation, or operate y0ur gates exclusively with a remote control. 

Ram gate operator control – operating by pulling the gate open, a ram gate operator is an arm bracket that can be installed centrally on your existing gate or offered as part of a new system. Depending on the product chosen, access can be controlled via a remote or smartphone. 

Wireless remote control – offering seamless access to your property whenever required, a wireless remote control enables you to open and close your gates at the click of a button without having to exit your vehicle. 

Drive safety beam – a drive safety beam is a type of sensor that prevents your gates from closing against your car or other obstacles. This is particularly useful for automated access to prevent accidents. 

Gate safety edge – a gate safety edge protects against trapping or crushing in areas surrounding an electric gate, such as between the gate and its hinges, the pillars, or behind the gate if it opens against a wall or other structure. They can be used on both sliding and swing gates at any point where a trapping hazard is present.  

Keypad or intercom – a wireless gate intercom enables a gate to be opened using a code, remotely from your property or via a smartphone if the product supports this feature. This serves as a great solution not only for controlling your own access to your home, but also provides a convenient way for you to grant or deny access to visitors. 

Underground induction loop – an underground induction loop is a signalling device that detects motion from your vehicle and triggers your gate or barrier to open, granting you access to the property automatically.

Courtesy light – these are lights that are installed at the sides of your security gate to illuminate the area and can be set to switch on when motion is detected. 

Maintenance for automatic driveway gates

To ensure your residential security gate system continues to operate optimally, providing the highest level of protection for both your home and the people that live there, it is important to properly care for it. 

Why is maintenance important for home security gates?

We recommend booking a maintenance visit for your home security gate system at least once a year. This is because ensuring your gate continues to operate as it should is key to preventing accidents and damage. If the features of your gate malfunction or become affected by wear and tear, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. A maintenance agreement may also be a condition of your insurance policy and in some cases can be a legal requirement. 

What does a maintenance agreement involve?

As part of our home security system maintenance agreement, we will attend your property to ensure all safety devices that form part of the system are operating correctly. We will also provide a cleaning and lubrication service to minimise the impact of wear and tear. We will make you aware of any damaged or malfunctioning features and provide you with information and advice around repairing or replacing these. 

We offer maintenance appointments for both systems installed by ourselves and those that we did not install, depending on the type and condition. 

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Home Security System Providers in South Wales

We provide home security gate systems across the South Wales region and beyond, offering an end-to-end service from advising you on the most suitable solution, through to installing the system and maintaining its proper operation in the long-term. 

Why choose Tod for home security gates? 

We’ve been providing tailored home and commercial security systems across the South Wales region since 1987, and have attained the NSI Gold Accredited certification. Just some of the many benefits of choosing Tod for your home security needs include: 

Trusted expertise

We don’t just provide solutions, we educate and inform you on the reasons why we recommend a particular solution for you. Our engineers go through rigorous training to ensure our processes are compliant with all relevant regulations and that all installations are completed to the highest standards. 

Industry Accredited

We hold accreditations from a range of regulatory bodies, from the NSI, GateSafe and Ukas, to FIA and BAFE. Ensuring we meet and exceed standards is core to our values, and we aim to offer an unrivalled service.  Find out more about our accreditations

Bespoke solutions

Our team can design and manufacture gates unique to your property, perfectly complementing the appearance of your home, providing a striking addition to your entrance.

These can be in steel or wood, ornate wrought iron, sustainable hardwoods, solid and partially boarded, and with the full range of RAL colours available.

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Whether you’re looking for a home security gate solution, a CCTV system or intruder alarm, or a holistic home security system, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. As part of our quotation, we’ll advise you on the best solution that not only works practically for your property, but also incorporates your desired design features. Whether you require a solution for one residential property, or a suite of commercial premises, get in touch with us today.

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