Discrete CCTV Systems South Wales - Installed for a residential customer

This customer lived in a remote location with access to the house via a narrow lane. This lane was being used by fly-tippers and joyriders.

Our remit, to install a CCTV system with a low visual impact on this pretty old stone house. It had to be able to pick vehicles and their number plates as they drove past the house.
The system was able to provide this information to the police for prosecution evidence.
Since the installation and the subsequent involvement of the authorities this problem has disappeared.

During our initial visit, our surveyor pinpointed locations where cameras could be installed with minimum visual impact. The Cameras were then colour match to their surroundings, effectively camouflaging them.

The larger square cameras shown is the ANPR camera, which is zoomed into the entrance to the drive, where vehicles pass closely bye.

The round camera has a wide-angle lens to enable the CCTV to pick up people and the cars whilst they move along the road which passes around the perimeter of the house.