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The customer was suffering from anti-social behavior caused by young drivers and needed a secure method of preventing vehicular access, but still allowing pedestrians onto the site. We installed a set of rising bollards to prevent unauthorised access to the industrial estate out of normal working hours. The system bollards automatically rise at set times. When active authorised access can be gained by proximity access cards, with a traffic light system to ensure drivers only drive over the bollards when they are fully retracted.

Our Solution

Installation of a pair of "Entry" and "Exit" rising bollards to restrict access out of hours to a large industrial estate complex in Cardiff.

The system includes a time clock and selection switch allowing automated closure during set times, permanently open or permanently closed with access restricted entry and exit only via a keypad code.

This customer was experiencing problems with Fly tipping and boy racers, so required a solution which allowed pedestrian traffic, but with a robust method of restricting vehicular access out of normal working hours. The bollards installed will withstand an impact of 60,000 joules which should stop any vehicle attempting to ram them.