Wyndham shopping Arcade in Cardiff centre

Fire, Intruder, Access control and CCTV system installations

Wyndham Arcade required a specially designed system to ensure the arcade area provided early warning to the occupants.
This was a complex design due to the open nature of the the walk way area between the shops. Although there was a glass roof above the walkway, this was extremely high and was open to the elements on three sides. Conventional detection would be potentially unreliable and so the system was designed to interface into every shops Fire alarm system, ensuring a Fire Activation occurred when a shop system activated, and also the shop alarm sounding if the Arcade system activated.
There was also a short delay built into the main walk way areas, allowing the onsite staff to investigate the fire, ensuring false evacuations were kept to a minimum.
To ensure the Fire Brigade were able to quickly ascertain the cause of the fire a repeater panel was installed in the main walkway within a locked cabinet with a perspex window, avoiding any potential vandalism whilst ensuring the panel could still be be viewed.

The customer was so happy with our services, they have since contracted us to carryout the installation of the Security alarms CCTV and Access control on this site along with several of their other sites, including their units at the old LG electronics Industrial Park.