Fire Alarm Quotation Information

Important information about the proposed system


Health & Safety

We train our engineers to be health and safety conscious at all times.  If you have any specific health & safety issues please bring this to our attention, prior to installation. (e.g. dangerous or hazardous substances, dangerous – equipment, working environments, animals or food hygiene regulations)


Electrical Supply

In order for compliance to BS5839-1 / BS7671 your fire alarm system is required to have a dedicated mains supply from the building’s main distribution board, using fire-rated cables.

All terminations and switching must be marked correctly.

Our quotations allow for the system to be connected to an isolator at the fire alarm panel, but not the installation of the supply cables (Unless specifically stated)


Extended Guarantee

Our standard warranty period is 12 months.

However, if you sign up for our annual service agreement for the related system, we will extend the warranty of all parts to 24 months. To activate this offer our service agreement must be accepted within 30 days of receipt.



We require a minimum payment of 50% of the quoted cost prior to the commencement of our work.

We require full payment of all outstanding balances at the completion stage of any installation.

For all credit account customers, our payment terms are 30 days unless agreed otherwise.


Bespoke components – where work requires the purchase of specialist or non-stock items we reserve the right to charge the full amount for these components before work commences.

Standard T’s&C’s apply to all other parts of the quotation (50% payment before the commencement of any work)


If your system requires a first and second fix

If our quotation includes labour to first fix, our quoted price will be based on a maximum of 3 block visits to your premise.

Block Visit – A set of consecutive visits on separate occasions to carry out the installation.

Additional labour charges may be applied at our discretion for any extra visits due to circumstances outside our control.


Quotation, Specification and Drawings

To make a full and accurate assessment of the premises we will need an accurate scale drawing. If you can not provide a scale drawing then one can be supplied at an extra cost, with details on request.

Otherwise, the attached Quotation will be based on a non-scaled drawing carried out during our site survey. The price given is calculated based on the parts listed in the quotation. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are satisfied with the supplied drawing prior to the start date of the work.


Sound Levels

We have estimated the number of sounders required for your system. Furnishings and construction materials can vary significantly from one premise to another, so sometimes more sounders are required than originally specified. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge for any additional sounder required following the commissioning process to achieve compliance with BS5839 Pt 1.


Void detection

Detection may be required in ceiling voids that present a high risk or are over 800mm in depth.
Due to time restraints and probable access issues, we cannot guarantee a fully comprehensive assessment of void areas will be carried out during our initial quotation survey.
Therefore, we require customers to assess all relevant void locations and provide this information to our surveyor at their earliest convenience.
If this information was not available to our surveyor prior to the generation of our quotation we can not guarantee the amount of void detection quoted is accurate.
In this event, if extra detection is required for void areas the customer may incur extra costs not included within our quotation.


Fire Alarm Category

The category of fire alarm system required for your premise should be determined by a fully qualified fire risk assessor. If you have supplied us with a category determined by your fire risk assessor, We will assume this category is sufficient.
If no risk assessment has been carried out, we take no responsibility for this system satisfying the category required. We can recommend a suitable fire risk assessor on request.